November 2022 Content Update Complete Core


5 new titles and 2 updated titles were released to Complete Core on November 2, 2022.

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New Complete Core Titles:


Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels

ISBN: 9781578596133

Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels is a comprehensive, clear, and objective look at a subject that fills most people with fear and dread, one that remains a part of our human experience, our popular culture, and our spiritual understandings.


Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders

ISBN: 9783319912790

The Second Edition of the Encyclopedia digests and presents new and updated information for readers who need to stay current with the latest research and clinical practices, including advances in neurobiology and genetics, diagnostic instruments and assessment tests, pharmaceutical treatments, and behavioral, speech and language, and other rehabilitative therapies.


Food, Fermentation, and Micro-organisms

ISBN: 9781405198721

Beginning with the science underpinning food fermentations, the author looks at the relevant aspects of microbiology and microbial physiology before covering individual foodstuffs and the role of fermentation in their production, as well as the possibilities that exist for fermentation's future development and application.


Landmark Supreme Court Cases: Freedom of Speech, Assembly, and Expression

ISBN: 9781646936861

This eBook contains concise, straightforward summaries, analyzing and explaining groundbreaking court cases on the issues of freedom of speech, assembly, and expression.


Opinions Throughout History: War & the Military

ISBN: 9781637000656

From the Revolutionary War to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, changes in technology are discussed, as is the nature of war itself, along with public opinion on individual conflicts and its effect on how the government presents military action.

Updated Complete Core Titles:


A Brief History of Brazil

ISBN: 9781438199573

A Brief History of Brazil, Third Edition provides a clear, lively, and comprehensive account of the history of Brazil from ancient times to the present day.


A Brief History of Saudi Arabia

ISBN: 9781438199542

A Brief History of Saudi Arabia, Third Edition provides a clear, lively, and comprehensive account of the history of Saudi Arabia from ancient times to the present day.

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