May 2017 Content Update Complete Core

There were eleven new titles and six updated titles released to Complete Core in May 2017.

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New Complete Core Titles: 


Handy Answer: The Handy American History Answer Book

ISBN: 9781578594719

From Washington to the microchip, Columbus to modern terrorist threats, the Anasazi to the iPhone, The Handy American History Answer Book traces the development of the nation. It takes a walk through the economic, political, social, and technological forces, as well as the military conflicts, turbulent events, powerful leaders, and pivotal moments that created, changed, and built the United States of America.


Handy Answer: The Handy Anatomy Answer Book

ISBN: 9781578595426

The Handy Anatomy Answer Book is the key to unlocking this door to a wondrous world. Covering all the major body systemsintegumentary (skin, hair, etc.), skeletal, muscular, nervous, sensory, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductiveand, for good measure, adding chapters on growth and development and how science can help and augment the body, it follows the fascinating maze of organ systems and shows how much the body does routinely just to let you move, breathe, eat, and fight off disease.


Handy Answer: The Handy Communication Answer Book

ISBN: 9781578595877

Whether it’s for a professional presentation, a school paper, an Internet blog or video, or something more personal, The Handy Communication Answer Book explains the concepts, provides insights, shares advice, and examines the skills needed to master effective and efficient communication for every setting and occasion.


Handy Answer: The Handy Islam Answer Book

ISBN: 9781578595105

Compiled by a scholar of Islam with more than 40 years of research and teaching experience, this engaging primer brings cross-cultural insights into a religion that many people do not comprehend, and even fear. The history, beliefs, symbols, rituals, art and literature, customs, leadership, traditions, ethnic diversity and so much more on Islam and Muslim culture are covered in this user-friendly guide. I


Handy Answer: The Handy Nutrition Answer Book

ISBN: 9781578594849

The Handy Nutrition Answer Book offers reliable information, the latest scientific discoveries, and the history of food and diet. It will help you understand the nutritional benefits--and pitfalls--of what you eat and how your body processes food, and it equips you with the tools you need to make good diet choices.


Handy Answer: The Handy State-by-State Answer Book

ISBN: 9781578595655

The Handy State-by-State Answer Book: Faces, Places, and Famous Dates for All Fifty States explores the history, growth, politics, people, and the unique character of each of the 50 states. It answers basic facts, looks at each state's distinguishing features, and covers how colonies, territories, and land purchases shaped the United States of America.


Princeton Field Guides: The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs

ISBN: 9780691167664

The best-selling Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs remains the must-have book for anyone who loves dinosaurs, from amateur enthusiasts to professional paleontologists. Pauls extensively revised introduction delves into dinosaur history and biology, the extinction of nonavian dinosaurs, the origin of birds, and the history of dinosaur paleontology, as well as giving a taste of what it might be like to travel back in time to the era when dinosaurs roamed the earth.


Teen Health Series: Abuse and Violence Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780814561

Abuse And Violence Information For Teens, Second Edition, discusses contributing factors and warning signs for the most commonly experienced types of abuse and violence. Facts about seeking medical care and mental health services for the physical and emotional consequences are also included.


Teen Health Series: Learning Disabilities Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780814721

Learning Disabilities Information for Teens, 2nd Edition, describes the signs, causes, and diagnosis of learning disabilities, and discusses the effects of other disabilities and chronic conditions on learning. It also provides coping tips and information on academic issues, assistive technology, and laws that protect the rights of people with learning disabilities.


The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality

ISBN: 9781405190060

This Encyclopedia is a comprehensive A-Z reference that defines sexuality from a broad biocultural perspective and show the diversity of human sexual behavior and belief systems.


Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide

ISBN: 9781118538821

Explores wellbeing from multiple perspectives, including children and families; the workplace; the environment; aging and later life; economics; and policies of wellbeing. Each volume brings together leaders of their respective fields in an edited volume of original articles.


Updated Complete Core Titles: 


Debrett's People of Today 2017

ISBN: 9780992934873

Debrett's People of Today is a comprehensive study of contemporary Britain's most notable and successful people. It contains biographical details of people from the entire spectrum of British society, including Tony Blair, Paula Radcliffe and Benjamin Zephaniah. The selection of entrants is made by the editorial staff of Debrett's and entries are reviewed annually to ensure accuracy and relevance. Entries include details of career, education, family, recreations and membership of clubs as well as contact addresses. An additional feature is the correct style of address to be used when addressing correspondence to an entrant.


Constitutional Amendments

ISBN: 9781682171769

This thought-provoking and interesting text provides a complete examination of each of our nation's 27 Constitutional Amendments. From the prohibition of alcoholic beverages, to slavery, to the voting rights of women, this text illustrates how the US Constitution has changed since its ratification in 1789.


Teen Health Series: Tobacco Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780813878

Tobacco Information For Teens, Third Edition, offers updated information about the health consequences associated with smoking and other forms of tobacco use. It explains some of the cultural influences that can make tobacco use seem attractive and how teen curiosity can lead to nicotine-related problems.


The Columbia Encyclopedia


Provides authoritative factual information about our world in its many guises - physical, historical, geographical, political, scientific, religious, and cultural.


The Deluxe Food Lover's Companion

ISBN: 9780764167034

This enlarged and enhanced reference volume was written for both the discerning home chef and those who want to become more knowledgeable about good food and elegant dining. This second edition has been updated with new information to reflect the way we eat in today's world. The authors have taken into account our healthier lifestyles and more diverse palates.


The Gun Debate: An Encyclopedia of Gun Control & Gun Rights

ISBN: 9781682171028

With public debate of gun violence at an all-time high, this new third edition of The Gun Debate: An Encyclopedia of Gun Control & Gun Rights is a must-have resource for all libraries.


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