2017 Literati for Schools transition

We're planning a Literati K-12 platform refresh and rebranding in Summer 2017. Until August 31st, 2017, you can opt to switch to the new site, access both versions, or stay on the unchanged Literati platform. Starting September 1st, all Literati platform URLs will redirect to the new version of the site, called "SEEK" by Credo.


SEEK, or Students Exploring and Evaluating Knowledge, is designed to help emerging researchers find the background information they need to understand their research subjects and prepare for college.

While the functionality of the navigation, content, Mind Map and Topic Pages is mostly unchanged, the look and feel of our user interface is new. To schedule a demo, just email training@credoreference.com.

Your users will benefit from:

  • A refreshed user experience, with brighter colors and a homepage redesign
  • An improved and decluttered search results page
    • "Key Concepts" for each entry result give a quick summation of the material within
    • Results scrolling instead of pagination
    • "Quick view" to preview an entry before clicking
    • Improved search limiter options
  • A redesigned book landing page
  • Edition number in citations
  • Simplified Topic Pages
  • Video captions for titles in the Core collections
  • Authentication through Google Apps for Education

More features coming soon:

  • The ability to export to NoodleTools 
  • A self-guided Credo tutorial helpful to students coming in from Discovery, LibGuides or course pages.
  • New Admin choices about key features and language in the platform, such as the label for reference entries.

We are also retiring a few features that we found to have low usage:

  • Custom featured content - this home page section will now be updated every month with interesting Topic Pages
  • Support for custom colors and stylesheets
  • The ability to rename certain sections of the site, such as the Related Resources
  • The ability to rewrite ToolTips associated with third-party resources
  • Personal user accounts ("MyLiterati")
  • The "Tools" page
  • The "How Do I" tab

The "Literati" brand will also be retired. The new brand will be "SEEK".

Here's a peek at a preliminary design of the home page (click to enlarge):


Upcoming Live Trainings

Literati Platform Refresh - Summer 2017 - Sneak Peeks
Join us for a live 20 minute overview of the upcoming changes to the Literati platform. Just email training@credoreference.com to set up a session.

Updated Help and Promotional Material:

If you'd like to preview or switch to a test version of the refreshed platform now, or have any questions or concerns, just email support@credoreference.com.

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