Tips for using Credo with a screenreader

To download these instructions as a PDF, click here: Credo Screenreader Tips - Downloadable PDF.

Keyboard Navigation

Tab - move forward through each link or form element
Shift-Tab -
move backwards through the links
Spacebar -
toggles the check when focus is on a checkbox
Up and down arrows -
change selection when focus is on a selection list
Left and right arrows -
move back and forth between radio buttons in a radio button group

Navigating the Site

The first link on any page is Skip to Main Content. This skips navigation elements in the header and takes you to the page’s main content.

  • Home Page - skips to the main heading on the page, “Background Information to Start Your Research.” Hit tab once to get to the search bar from here.
  • Search Results - skips to the top of the search results list
  • Entry Page - skips to controls for the entry content

The second link on any page is Skip to Search Bar. This skips navigation elements in the header and takes you directly to the search bar.


To find the search bar, start at the top of the page. The first link is Skip to Main Content. Hit tab once and the next link is Skip to Search Bar. Use this link to skip to the search bar.

  • The screen reader will read: “Search Credo.”
  • To search, type your search phrase and hit enter.

Browsing Search Results

Use the first link on the page, Skip to Main Content, to skip to the search results. This will skip to the first entry in the search results.

All search results use an <h4> header. The title of the entry is read first. Hit the enter button to open the entry, or hit tab to continue browsing the search results.

After the title of each entry (<h4>), there is a Quick View Button and a Save Button.

  • Quick View will open a brief blurb from the entry.
  • Save will add the article to your saved results folder for the length of your session

After the Save button of some entries is a thumbnail image. Tab past this to get to the next search result.

Entry Page Controls

To listen to the entry text, navigate to the Listen Button. If your browser supports access keys, hit the ACCESS KEY + L and Credo’s built-in reader will read the entry to you.

  • Firefox: ALT+SHIFT+L
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera: ALT + L

To access other entry-page functions, use Skip to Main Content to skip to the entry controls, and use Tab to scroll through these options:

  • Back to Search Results - returns to the search results page
  • Search this book… - search within the book the entry is taken from
  • Browse book - browse the entries within the book
  • Previous Article and Next Article - move sequentially through entries/chapters of the book
  • Listen Button - Will read the content of the entry with our built-in Readspeaker
  • Cite - generates a citation for the entry
  • Print/Export - Print and export options
  • Email - email the entry to yourself or others
  • Embed Code - Generates an embed code for faculty and librarians.
  • Translate - Translates the entry content using Google Translate
  • Save - Saves the entry to your Saved Results folder for the length of your session



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