December 2017 Content Update Academic Core

Four new titles and one updated title were released to Academic Core and Academic Core with Backfile in December 2017. 

There are now 861 titles in Academic Core with Backfile, and 725 titles in the Academic Core collection. If you subscribe to one of these packages, see a full title list in your Admin account (log-in required), or check it out on our corporate site: Academic Core with Backfile, Academic Core

On January 3, 2018, we are weeding 28 titles from the curated version of Academic Core (click here to download the title list). To help you manage your catalog, you can download a set of MARC purge records.

Please note that this affects customers who have joined Credo since 2016, as well as earlier accounts which have opted into the curated Academic Core package. Accounts with the legacy “Academic Core with Backfile” product are not affected. Please email if you have any questions about your subscription package.

If you do not want these 28 Backfile titles to be removed from your account on January 3rd, we can switch your subscription package to the non-curated version of Academic Core at no extra charge, and with no further paperwork. Just email for further help.


New Academic Core Titles: 


50 Classics Series: 50 Economics Classics

ISBN: 9781473673472

From Karl Marx to Naomi Klein, from The Wealth of Nations to Piketty's Capital, here are the 50 most important titles on finance and world economy distilled.


50 Classics Series: 50 Psychology Classics

ISBN: 9781857886740

In a journey spanning 50 books, hundreds of ideas and over a century, 50 Psychology Classics looks at some of the most intriguing questions relating to what motivates us, what makes us feel and act in certain ways, how our brains work, and how we create a sense of self.


Encyclopedia of Empire

ISBN: 9781118440643

The Encyclopedia of Empire provides exceptional in-depth, comparative coverage of empires throughout human history and across the globe.


The Princeton Handbook of World Poetries

ISBN: 9780691171524

The Princeton Handbook of World Poetries provides a comprehensive and authoritative survey of the history and practice of poetry in major regional, national, and diasporic literatures and language traditions around the globe.

Updated Academic Core Title: 


BCS Glossary of Computing and ICT

ISBN: 9781780173269

The BCS Glossary is the most authoritative and comprehensive work of its kind on the market today. This unrivalled study aid and reference tool has newly updated entries and is divided into themed sections making it more than just a list of definitions.


There were no retired titles this month. A full list of updated and retired titles is always available upon request to

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