January 2021 Content Update Complete Core


There were 12 new titles released to Complete Core in January 2021. There are now 1382 titles in the Complete Core collection. If you subscribe to this package, see a full title list in your Admin account (log-in required), or check it out on our corporate site. If you're interested in upgrading your account to the Complete Core package, email support@credoreference.com.


New Complete Core Titles:


Agriculture for Improved Nutrition

ISBN: 9781786399311

This book reviews the latest findings, results from on-the-ground programs and interventions, and recent policy experiences from countries around the world that are bringing the agriculture and nutrition sectors closer together.


Ancient Roman Sports, A-Z

ISBN: 9781476671697

This reference book covers sporting events and activities of the era and the Romans who sponsored, competed in and attended them.


Facts and Fictions in Mental Health

ISBN: 9781118311301

Written in a lively and entertaining style, Facts and Fictions in Mental Health examines common conceptions and misconceptions surrounding mental health and its treatment. Each chapter focuses on a misconception and is followed by a discussion of related findings from scientific research.


Frontiers of Risk Management

ISBN: 9781947098466

With a series of experts considering financial services risk management in each of its key areas, Frontiers of Risk Management: Key Issues and Solutions enables the reader to appreciate a practitioners view of the challenges that are faced in practice identifying where appropriate suitable opportunities.


Global Sustainable Capitalism

ISBN: 9781947441590

In this book, the authors propose a new conceptual business model as a contribution to global sustainable capitalism in the making, in an attempt assist in the education of global stakeholders about the importance, the rationale, and the pathway to the introduction of sustainable capitalism principles into global economics and business models.


Innovators in Battery Technology: Profiles of 93 Influential Electrochemists

ISBN: 9780786499335

This biographical dictionary profiles electrochemists from all over the world who have researched and developed ever more efficient batteries and energy cells. Each entry traces the subject's origin, education, discoveries and patents, as well as hobbies and family life.


Irish History: People, Places and Events that Built Ireland

ISBN: 9780008340131

From mesolithic Ireland to the peace process, this little book covers all of the main historical and cultural events, places and figures in Irish history.


Marine Animal Forests

ISBN: 9783319210117

During the last decades there has been an increasing evidence of drastic changes in marine ecosystems due to human-induced impacts, especially on benthic ecosystems. The so called 'animal forests' are currently showing a dramatic loss of biomass and biodiversity all over the world.


Protest!: A History of Social and Political Protest Graphics

ISBN: 9780691198330

Spanning continents and centuries, Protest! presents a major new chronological look at protest graphics.


Shakespeare's Theatre: A History

ISBN: 9781405115131

Shakespeare's Theatre: A History examines the theatre spaces used by William Shakespeare and explores these spaces in relation to the social and political framework of the Elizabethan era.


The Diversity Style Guide

ISBN: 9781119055075

The Diversity Style Guide raises the consciousness of journalists who strive to be accurate. Based on studies, news reports and style guides, as well as interviews with more than 50 journalists and experts, it offers the best, most up-to-date advice on writing about underrepresented and often misrepresented groups.


The SAGE Handbook of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

ISBN: 9781473978553

The SAGE Handbook of Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and global look at the diverse issues surrounding human trafficking and slavery in the post-1945 environment.

There were no updated or retired titles this month. A full list of updated and retired titles is always available upon request to support@credoreference.com.

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