May 2023 Content Update Public Core


14 new titles and 1 updated title were released to Public Core in May 2023.

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New Public Core Titles:


The Art of Medieval Jewelry: An Illustrated History

ISBN: 9781476681757

This title covers the origins of the imagery and designs on common jewelry and portable artwork between late antiquity and the Middle Ages.


The Constitution Explained: A Guide for Every American

ISBN: 9781578597765

Exploring the history and the various clauses, amendments, and interpretations, as well as addressing the debate over how well the country has lived up to the Preamble's lofty goals, The Constitution Explained: A Guide for Every American makes this groundbreaking document more understandable.


Cyberspies: Inside the World of Hacking, Online Privacy, and Cyberterrorism

ISBN: 9781728413907

This book looks at the legal and illegal forms of cyberspying, goes behind the scenes to explore career paths in cyberintelligence, and looks at the digital threats of cyber propaganda, fake news, cyberterrorism, and threats to the US government and individuals.


Edible: Corn: A Global History

ISBN: 9781780238166

Michael Owen Jones traces the transportation of corn to the Old World by Christopher Columbus, and its rapid distribution throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia that followed.


Edible: Oyster: A Global History

ISBN: 9781780238173

Follow the story from the prehistoric up to the present day, discovering how the oyster became the food of both paupers and kings, contributed to the building of empires and the demise of ecosystems, and why it may be the creature to help save the world's dying coastal shorelines and reefs.


Edible: Soda and Fizzy Drinks: A Global History

ISBN: 9781789144918

This book looks at how something made from water, sugar and soda became big business but also became deeply important to people; fizzy drinks' symbolic meanings are far more complex than the water, gas and sugar from which they are made.


Encyclopedia of Weird Detectives

ISBN: 9781476678009

The detective genre has explored supernatural and paranormal themes throughout its colorful history. Stories of detectives investigating spiritualists, ghostly apparitions, the occult and psychics have spanned pulp fiction magazines, comic books, novels, film, television, animation and video games. This encyclopedia covers the history of the genre in its multiple forms and informs and adds to the knowledge of either the new or informed reader.


Natural Health: Your Complete Guide to Natural Remedies and Mindful Well-Being

ISBN: 9781578597734

From herbs, oils and vitamins to yoga, healing remedies, and belly laughs, Natural Health: Your Complete Guide to Natural Remedies and Mindful Well-Being explores hundreds of ancient remedies, natural therapies, and nature's medicine cabinet. This comprehensive guide to nature-based health and well-being includes the most current knowledge, information, and science behind a natural diet and lifestyle to promote wellness.


Princeton Field Guides: Field Guide to the Flower Flies of Northeastern North America

ISBN: 9780691189406

Summarizing the current scientific understanding of our flower fly fauna, this is an indispensable resource for anyone, amateur naturalist or scientist, interested in discovering the beauty of these insects.


Repeating and Multi-Fire Weapons: A History from the Zhuge Crossbow Through the AK-47

ISBN: 9781476666662

Based largely upon new research, this book explores the history of repeating and multi-fire weapons, beginning with the Chinese repeating crossbow in the 4th century BCE, and ending with the world's most common firearm, the Kalashnikov AK-47.


Shaping the Debate: Defining and Discussing Free Speech

ISBN: 9781731614766

Learn about the history, complexities, and conflicts related to free speech rights, from flag-burning to the treatment of hate speech.


Taste: A Philosophy of Food

ISBN: 9781789144802

In Taste: A Philosophy of Food, Sarah Worth argues that taste is a sense that needs educating, for the real pleasures of eating only come with an understanding of what one really likes.


Teach Yourself: Criminology: A Complete Introduction

ISBN: 9781529397970

Written by leading experts, this book gives you all the key knowledge and information you need to succeed quickly and easily.


Teach Yourself: The Big Ideas in Science: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself

ISBN: 9781529397956

Covering everything from the Big Bang to global warming, The Big Ideas in Science is an accessible and easy-to-use introduction to the scientific world, what it has achieved over the past few hundred years and what it promises for the future.


Updated Public Core Title:


Landmark Supreme Court Cases: Freedom of Religion

ISBN: 9781646936854

This eBook contains concise, straightforward summaries, analyzing and explaining groundbreaking court cases on the issue of freedom of religion.

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