Exporting Your Title List

If you wish to export your title list into an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file from your Credo account, watch the how-to video below.

URL: https://admin.credoreference.com/cmtitles.do


  1. This screen displays all titles which are currently live on your Credo or Literati platform.

  2. Both General Reference and Publisher Collection titles will be listed on this page, complete with subscription end dates.

  3. Options to Export List to Excel or CSV.  Exporting will display further information:
    1. Title
    2. Publisher
    3. Year of Publication
    4. Date of debut on Credo Reference
    5. Subject Category
    6. ISBN-10 & ISBN-13
    7. Unique URL for linking
    8. Name of Collection (General Reference or Publisher Collection)

  4. Share list with colleague and faculty who can use the list to build study guides by subject, or plan for future weeding.

See here for our complete Admin guide. 

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