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Topic Pages - Library Catalogs

If your library's catalog has a Z39.50 server, and your account has the "customized Topic Pages" upgrade in place, we can set it up so that relevant titles from your catalog display right on your Topic Pages. (If you're not sure whether your account includes customizable Topic Pages, just ask us).

Another option for adding your library catalog is available through Worldcat - see below for more information.

We will need the following information to set up your catalog as a target on your Topic Pages:

1. Your library catalog's URL

2. Your library catalog’s z39.50 server name and port location.

3. The database code associated with your library’s holdings. It may be a default value like "INNOPAC" or "UNICORN," but it may also be a value specific to your library - if your catalog admin doesn't know, the vendor can often provide this information.

4. If your z39.50 server port has a firewall, you’ll need to allow access to the following Credo IPs:

If you have the server and port info, but are not sure whether your catalog has a firewall, you can submit the information in a support request for testing. We’ll verify and confirm with you.



Credo offers two options for linking WorldCat to Topic Pages:

  1. Display results from and link directly to the WorldCat platform. Displayed results will be limited to your library's holdings.
  2. Use WorldCat to power your own catalog on Topic Pages. Students will see your logo and your library catalog's native interface when clicking the link from Credo.


For either option you will need the following information:

  1. Your OCLC Library Code
  2. Your WorldCat Search API Key


This information must be requested from OCLC by the library. Credo Reference cannot request this on your behalf. Libraries can begin the request process here:

Once you have that information, please submit this information in a support request for addition to your Topic Pages.



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