Referring URL Authentication

If your institution has a protected page, such as a Moodle or Intranet, we can arrange for your users to have seamless access from that page to Credo. There are three steps to setting up a referring URL:

1. You choose a protected page or pages associated with your library that you want the Credo link on. Copy the address of this page or pages, and send to If it's a lot of pages, but they share the first piece of their URL, just send us an example.

2. We associate the page with your account.

3. You place the link (or any direct link to Credo) on this page or pages, and then clicking on the link should give your users seamless access to Credo.

There are just a couple of caveats:

  • It must be a protected page
  • The page cannot be shared by multiple Credo accounts

However, if the page does not meet these requirements, we can set up another kind of seamless access for you - just let us know.

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