JSTOR databases can be activated immediately on your Credo Reference Librarian Admin module. See screenshot below:

Librarian Admin setting up JSTOR on Topic Pages

Steps for Activation of JSTOR in Librarian Admin:

  1. Click the circle next to 'Active'
  2. Choose the subjects you'd like this database to display under
  3. Click Save


Type of Search

For JSTOR, Credo Topic Pages are searching either the subject or title. The Topic Page heading is used as the search term in JSTOR.

Subject search

  • JSTOR African Studies
  • JSTOR Anthropology
  • JSTOR Architecture and Architectural History
  • JSTOR Biological Sciences
  • JSTOR Botany and Plant Sciences
  • JSTOR Business
  • JSTOR Developmental and Cell Biology
  • JSTOR Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • JSTOR Economics
  • JSTOR Education
  • JSTOR Feminist and Women's Studies
  • JSTOR General Science
  • JSTOR Geography
  • JSTOR Health Policy
  • JSTOR Health Sciences
  • JSTOR History
  • JSTOR History of Science and Technology
  • JSTOR Language and Literature
  • JSTOR Management and Organizational Behavior
  • JSTOR Marketing and Advertising
  • JSTOR Mathematics
  • JSTOR Philosophy
  • JSTOR Political Science
  • JSTOR Population Studies
  • JSTOR Psychology
  • JSTOR Public Policy and Administration
  • JSTOR Religion
  • JSTOR Statistics
  • JSTOR Zoology


Title search

  • JSTOR American Indian Studies
  • JSTOR Aquatic Sciences
  • JSTOR Archaeology
  • JSTOR Art and Art History
  • JSTOR Asian Studies
  • JSTOR Bibliography
  • JSTOR British Studies
  • JSTOR Classical Studies
  • JSTOR Film Studies
  • JSTOR Finance
  • JSTOR Folklore
  • JSTOR Irish Studies
  • JSTOR Jewish Studies
  • JSTOR Latin American Studies
  • JSTOR Law
  • JSTOR Library Science
  • JSTOR Linguistics
  • JSTOR Middle East Studies
  • JSTOR Music
  • JSTOR Paleontology
  • JSTOR Performing Arts
  • JSTOR Slavic Studies
  • JSTOR Sociology

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