Not Sure About Your Platform?

Because one size does not fit all, we have developed several different platforms to serve the needs of secondary school students, higher education students, student athletes and public patrons. Not sure which platform you're using? Don't fret! Scroll down for some help figuring it out.

Credo Online Reference Service


webpage screenshot

The much-loved Credo Online Reference Service platform has gotten a makeover! This update is now live for all Credo Online Reference Service subscribers.

Literati Academic


webpage screenshot

Students in higher education are used to quick bits of information, with the most important and relevant rising to the top. To meet their 140-character or less needs, we've organized Literati Academic to highlight what's most important to your students directly on the homepage.

Literati Public


webpage screenshot

Public library patrons are used to querying a simple search box for answers to their information needs. If you're using Literati Public, you'll notice that we stuck to what users know and prominently feature a search box in the middle of the page.

Literati School


webpage screenshot

If you're using Literati School, you'll notice that we've organized tutorials and promotions in a way that's most appealing to secondary school students.

Literati Student Athlete


webpage screenshot

Student athletes are always on the go so we've organized the Literati Student Athlete platform to give them quick access to videos, tutorials and other research help.

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