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Q. I can't seem to locate the "Content Package (SCORM)" option when I try to upload the file.

Depending on how your institution's Blackboard is configured, you may need to request that your Blackboard admin make SCORM available. This is necessary due to the fact that SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is how the Blackboard gradebook interacts with the Credo material and can automatically pull the grades into your gradebook.

Q. I see a quiz in my "Needs Grading" section. What does that mean?

If a quiz shows up in your "Needs Grading" section, it means that the student started the quiz but did not finish it. They likely closed out the browser window before they clicked "submit". Blackboard counts this as a completed activity but does not have a grade to show.

Q. Is it possible to put two quizzes together into one module/zip file?

It is possible to do that. You would just need to let us know at Credo and we will be happy to zip them up for you. Please be aware though that when there are multiple quizzes, Blackboard can only add the scores together into one aggregate score - they will not be individual columns in the gradebook. Also, if a student completed one quiz but not the second, it will be considered as incomplete and will show up in your "Needs Grading" section.

Q. I see two columns in my gradebook for the same quiz. Why?

There are a few reasons why you might see more than one gradebook column for an activity. The most common is that Blackboard creates a new column automatically when you import the package. So if you imported one, deleted it and then re-imported it, Blackboard will keep the old gradebook column but also create a new column. It will be up to you to delete the associated gradebook column each time you delete a module.

Q. Is there a way to import the module once and let all the faculty use it?

Depending on how your institution's Blackboard subscription is set up, you should have access to an institutional "Content Collection", where you can create a folder, place whichever modules you would prefer within the folder, then share the URL of the folder with faculty.

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