Access Options for Third-Party resources


We can link to a number of other vendors’ sites within Credo Online Reference Service, including resources from Gale, EBSCO, Proquest, JSTOR, and more. If your library already has IP access to your subscription databases, no further action is required to authenticate from on-campus or within the library.

You can also offer your patrons remote access to the third-party databases within Credo Online Reference Service via proxy, library card landing page, or username/password, so they can access these resources from home and other off-campus locations.

Proxy Authentication

We can add your proxy information to your Credo Online Reference Service account so that it prefixes your links to other databases, your Topic Page resources, your citations, and the 856 field of your MARC records. This is done for you during set-up, but if the information changes please submit a support request to have the new information added to your account. We use slightly different versions of the third-party resource links that you may have already configured your proxy for, so you may find that you need to add multiple host lines to your proxy configurations to allow access.

Library Card landing page

If you do not have a proxy server, but your patrons do have library card barcodes or student IDs, we can arrange with Gale, EBSCO, and ProQuest to route patrons who click on a third-party link to a library card log-in page.


Username and Password

Using your institution's database credentials, we can give your authorized users of Credo Online Reference Service seamless access to each vendor’s resources. Please submit a support request for further information.

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