March 2014 Content Update

New Academic Core Titles:


The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Darwin and Evolutionary Thought

This volume is a comprehensive reference work on the life, labors, and influence of the great evolutionist Charles Darwin. The wealth of information it provides about the history of evolutionary thought makes it a crucial resource for understanding the controversies that surround evolution today.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences

The volume is aimed at readers who have an interest in some aspect of language science but wish to learn more about the broad range of ideas, findings, practices, and prospects that constitute this rapidly expanding field, a field arguably at the center of current research on the human mind and human society.

The Cambridge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition

This comprehensive handbook is an authoritative survey of second language acquisition (SLA). Its multi-perspective synopsis on recent developments in SLA research provides significant contributions by established experts and widely recognized younger talent.

The Tourism Society's Dictionary for the Tourism Industry

This dictionary is a handy reference covering everyday terms used within the tourism, travel, leisure and airline sectors. The dictionary provides an overview of terminology used within these global industries, complete with explanations for industry-specific terms and helpful annotated diagrams to illustrate travel related information, such as seating plans and airline tickets.


Updated Academic Core Title:


 Debrett's People of Today 2014 (replaces Debrett's People of Today 2013)

Debrett's People of Today is a comprehensive study of contemporary Britain's most notable and successful people. It contains biographical details of people from the entire spectrum of British society, including Tony Blair, Paula Radcliffe and Benjamin Zephaniah. The selection of entrants is made by the editorial staff of Debrett's and entries are reviewed annually to ensure accuracy and relevance. Entries include details of career, education, family, recreations and membership of clubs as well as contact addresses. An additional feature is the correct style of address to be used when addressing correspondence to an entrant.

Academic Core MARC updates:

These titles have had corrections made to their MARC records; please download the new versions of the records.

Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Philosophers
Encyclopedia of 20th Century Technology
The Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music
The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of 20th Century Architecture  

There are now 644 titles in Academic Core. See a full title list here. 

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