How do I log into the Help Center, and why?

Credo's Help Center allows you to create an account in order to log in. The credentials are not the same as your Credo Admin credentials; if you haven't logged into the Help Center before, you'll have to create a new account and password. 

However, we've set it up so that you can use the basic functions of the Help Center without logging in. Here's a breakdown of the functions:

What can you do on the Help Center without logging in? 

  • View and search our Help documentation
  • Vote on whether documents are helpful or not helpful
  • Submit a Support Request

What can you do on the Help Center when you're logged into your account? 

  • "Follow" a Help Center documentation page to receive page updates by email
  • Check on the status of your pending tickets 
  • View resolved tickets (including email requests to or since 1/2014)
  • If you arrange it with Credo support, you can view all outstanding and resolved tickets for your institution, not just those you've submitted
  • Comment on the forum
  • Create feature requests in the forum

To create an account, go to the ZenDesk registration page. You can also find this page by clicking "Sign in" in the upper right of the Help Center, then scrolling down to "New to Credo Reference? Sign up." You should use your institutional email, not your personal email; this will ensure that support issues are connected to the right account.

After you've created your account, Credo Support cannot retrieve your Help Center password. Click "Forgot My Password" on the log-in screen to reset it automatically. 


For more information about using the Help Center, see ZenDesk's Help Center page. 

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