June 2014 Content Update

There were 22 New and 2 Updated Complete Core Titles released in June 2014.  There are now 953 titles in the Complete Core collection; if you subscribe to this package, see a full title list in your Admin account (log-in required) or check it out on our corporate site. If you're interested in upgrading your account to the Complete Core package, email learnmore@credoreference.com.

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New Complete Core Titles: 



 The Atlas of Food

By providing an up-to-date and visually appealing understanding of important issues around global food and agriculture, The Atlas of Food maps out broad areas of investigation--contamination of food and water, overnutrition, micronutrient deficiency, processing, farming, and trade--to offer a concise overview of today's food and farming concerns.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Paleopathology
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Paleopathology is a major reference work for all those interested in the identification of disease in human remains.


The English Buildings Book: An Architectural Guide

The English Buildings Book is the most comprehensive single volume on English architecture for the general reader and it celebrates the English built environment, which is the richest and most diverse in the world.


 The Princeton Guide to Evolution

The Princeton Guide to Evolution is a comprehensive, concise, and authoritative reference to the major subjects and key concepts in evolutionary biology, from genes to mass extinctions.


 Teach Yourself: Learn To Play The Guitar

This is an essential guide for all those who want to play popular music on guitar for their own pleasure but don't know where to start. It covers which type of guitar to play and the basic playing techniques, before introducing rhythms, chords, riffs, and melodies and how to combine them all. (The audio files from the free CD are linked in the entries.)


 Teen Finance Series: Cash and Credit Information for Teens

Provides information for teens about earning and managing money, spending and using credit wisely, and avoiding fraud. Includes index, resource information, and a list of online money management tools.


Teen Finance Series: College Financing Information for Teens

Includes facts about planning, saving, and paying for postsecondary education. Provides information about college savings plans, grants, loans, scholarships, community and military service, and more.


Teen Finance Series: Debt Information for Teens

Tips for a successful financial life, including facts about the economy and personal finances, money management, interest rates, loans, credit cards, predatory lending practices, and resolving debt-related problems.


Teen Health Series: Alcohol Information for Teens

Alcohol Information for Teens, 3rd Edition, describes ways alcohol can affect mental and physical health and discusses the special vulnerabilities of the teen brain. The concerns of teens who live with an alcoholic relative are also addressed, and information about treatment and recovery is provided.


 Teen Health Series: Allergy Information for Teens

Provides basic consumer health information for teens about allergies, including facts about treating and preventing allergic reactions and complications, and tips for coping with allergies at home and school.

 Teen Health Series: Asthma Information for Teens

Comprehensive information about various forms of asthma, factors that may contribute to the development of asthma, and common asthma triggers.


 Teen Health Series: Cancer Information for Teens

Provides basic consumer health information for teens about cancer risk factors, prevention, and treatment, along with tips for coping with cancer at home and school, and helping a friend or family member who has cancer.

 Teen Health Series: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Information for Teens

Provides basic consumer health information for teens about diverse medical systems and therapies used together with or in place of conventional medicine.

Teen Health Series: Diabetes Information for Teens

Comprehensive information about the various types of diabetes, management of the disease, and ways to avoid its potential long-term consequences. Gives coping tips for teens in dealing with emotional aspects of the disease and integrating its management into daily life.

 Teen Health Series: Diet Information for Teens

Health tips about nutrition fundamentals and eating plans, including facts about vitamins, minerals, food additives, and weight-related concerns.

Teen Health Series: Drug Information for Teens

Comprehensive information about drug use, abuse, and addiction, describing the physical and psychological effects of drugs and chemicals that are commonly abused.

Teen Health Series: Fitness Information for Teens

Provides basic consumer health information for teens about maintaining health through physical activity, including facts about preventing injury and overcoming obstacles to fitness.

Teen Health Series: Sexual Health Information for Teens

Comprehensive information about sexual issues todays teens face. Describes reproductive anatomy and the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty and emerging sexuality.

Teen Health Series: Suicide Information for Teens

Provides basic consumer health information for teens about suicide risk factors, warning signs, intervention and treatment, and prevention strategies.

Teen Health Series: Tobacco Information for Teens

Provides basic consumer health information for teens on tobacco use, addiction, and related diseases, along with tips for quitting smoking.

Unexplained! Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena

An authoritative, intelligent, and well-reasoned examination of strange artifacts and events that have long perplexed scientists, Unexplained! is an award-winning exposition of the strange and mysterious.

The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead

This book explores the historical, literary, mythological, biographical, and popular aspects of one of the world's most mesmerizing paranormal subjects.


Updated Complete Core titles:


The Encyclopedia of Elder Care

This interdisciplinary clinical reference encompasses hundreds of current entries on a broad range of topics related to geriatrics and geriatric care across multiple health care disciplines. The third edition reflects the many advances in geriatrics that have occurred since the publication of the second edition in 2006. It contains the updated, evidence-based contributions of more than 260 nationally recognized geriatric healthcare professionals regarding elder-care concerns relating to society, community, caregiving, and the individual.

Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law

Thoroughly updated and greatly expanded from its original edition, this title is the go-to comprehensive resource on the legal, social, psychological, political, and public health aspects of guns in American life.

There were no retired titles this month.



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