May 2014 Content Update

There were 10 New School Core Titles released in May 2014.  There are now 405 titles in the School Core collection; see a full title list in your Admin account (log-in required) or on our corporate site.


Curriculum Connections: 21st Century Science: Chemistry

This title covers all the different aspects of chemistry and shows, in practical terms, how chemistry affects our lives.

Curriculum Connections: 21st Century Science: Energy and Matter

Introduces the studies of forces and matter, discussing new theories and discoveries in thermodynamics, electricity, sound waves, radiation, and nuclear energy.

Curriculum Connections: 21st Century Science: Genetics

Describes the principles of molecular biology and genetics, including information on DNA, genetic engineering, sexual and asexual reproduction, and cloning.

 Curriculum Connections: 21st Century Science: Living Organisms

From sound energy and the light spectrum to genetic coding and patterns of inheritance, topics in this series expand on the history of science in the 21st century and examine what they may hold for the future.

Curriculum Connections: 21st Century Science: The Earth

Discusses geology and the Earth sciences, including plate tectonics, geological ages, global climate, weather patterns, and biomes.


Curriculum Connections: 21st Century Science: The Universe

Discusses astronomy and cosmology, including big bang theories, the formation of galaxies, the different types of stars, black holes, and the solar system.

   Easy Way Series: E-Z Accounting

E-Z Accounting explains the accounting equation, describes financial statements, and guides students through the process of recording business transactions, maintaining special journals, and accounting for receivables and payables, inventories, payroll, and other related topics.

    Easy Way Series: E-Z Algebra

E-Z Algebra includes general rules for dealing with numbers, equations, negative numbers and integers, fractions and rational numbers, exponents, roots and real numbers, algebraic expressions, functions, graphs, systems of two equations, quadratic equations, circles, ellipses, parabolas, polynomials, numerical series, permutations, combinations, the binomial formula, proofs by mathematical induction, exponential functions and logarithms, simultaneous equations and matrices, and imaginary numbers.

   Easy Way Series: E-Z American History

Barron's E-Z American History, a one-volume summary of American history, cites all important names and dates.

  Easy Way Series: E-Z Biology

E-Z Biology covers the cell, bacteria and viruses, fungi, plants, invertebrates, chordates, Homo Sapiens, heredity, genetics and biotechnology, evolution, and ecology.


Easy Way Series: E-Z Business Mathematics

E-Z Business Mathematics reviews arithmetic skills as they apply to business records and functions. Topics reviewed include fractions, decimals, calculating percentages, the fundamentals of statistics and business graphics, measurements in the English and metric systems, and applications of mathematics to banking, investing, loans, and operating a business.

  Easy Way Series: E-Z Calculus

E-Z Calculus tells an entertaining story about travels in the fictional land of Carmorra. In the process he introduces a series of problems and solves them by applying principles of calculus.


Easy Way Series: E-Z French

E-Z French instructs students with little or no prior knowledge of the language in informal conversational French.



 Easy Way Series: E-Z Grammar

E-Z Grammar is written primarily for high school seniors and college freshmen and emphasizes the simple logic underlying correct grammar and clear expression. The author covers all parts of speech and correct sentence structure.



Easy Way Series: E-Z Trigonometry

E-Z Trigonometry explains angles and triangles, and demonstrates the solutions to right triangle problems.


  Facts at your Fingertips: Introducing Chemistry: Atoms, Molecules, and States of Matter

In this book, the detailed structure and properties of atoms (the building blocks of matter) are described, including how they bond to produce various types of molecules.

   Facts at your Fingertips: Introducing Chemistry: Chemical Reactions

Describes the processes of chemical reactions, how energy and heat are involved, and what factors may affect the speed of reaction.

   Facts at your Fingertips: Introducing Chemistry: Metals

Introduces the periodic table and describes the basic characteristics of metals along with detailed descriptions of their atomic structure, reactivity, properties, discovery, sources and uses.


Facts at your Fingertips: Introducing Chemistry: Nonmetals

Introduces nonmetals, from hydrogen to the noble gases, and offers experiments for practical investigation.

Facts at your Fingertips: Introducing Chemistry: Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

The science that studies these is organic chemistry, and the study of chemical reactions in living organisms is biochemistry. This book, part of a new series that introduces the essentials of chemistry, looks at these vital subjects.

Handy Answer: The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents)

The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents) comes to the rescue. It addresses nearly 800 queries with enough depth and detail to both satisfy the curiosity of persistent young inquisitors and provide parents with a secure sense of a job well done.

Handy Answer: The Handy Art History Answer Book

The Handy Art History Answer Book covers everything from Paleolithic images dating back to 35000 B.C.E. to the post-modern techniques of today. It leads you on a tour from the basics and beginnings of art to the various directions that art is heading today.

Handy Answer: The Handy Dinosaur Answer Book

From Tyrannosaurs to Stegosaurs, the guide profiles numerous species, chronicling their time on Earth and exploring their roles in archaeological expeditions and museums today.

Handy Answer: The Handy Geography Answer Book

From discovering why every map is distorted to why Rhode Island is called an island even though it?s not, this comprehensive reference simplifies geography in an approachable question-and-answer format. All aspects of the discipline are covered, including physical, economic, political, and cultural geography.

Handy Answer: The Handy History Answer Book

A concise guide to all things historical, this feast of facts and compelling stories recounts the revolutionary ideas, acts, and inventions that have changed the world from the Stone Age through the 21st century.

Handy Answer: The Handy Law Answer Book

Combining practical legal tips with an exhaustive overview of the law in the United States, this comprehensive reference answers more than 1,200 questions ranging from "Where did the word tort come from?" and "How are state court judges selected?" to "Where did the first U.S. Supreme Court meet?" Useful advice includes how to find a lawyer; how to file a complaint against a lawyer; how to document discrimination in the workplace; and how to handle oneself in court.

Handy Answer: The Handy Math Answer Book

In an engaging, easy-to-follow, question-and-answer format, everyday math concepts are tackled and explained in plain English (with a little help from numbers and formulas) to help enlighten you regardless of your comfort level with math.

  Handy Answer: The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book

Combining the most current data with a user-friendly format, this timely reference features more than 1,000 answers to questions on personal finance, its history, and managing ones financial life.

Handy Answer: The Handy Philosophy Answer Book

Analyzing the collective effort of philosophers throughout history in the pursuit of truth and wisdom, the guide explores the tangible significance of philosophical thought to modern society and civilization as a whole.

Handy Answer: The Handy Physics Answer Book

Completely updated to tackle the big issues such as gravity, magnetism, sound, and what really happens in the Large Hadron Collider, this engaging look at physics also spells out why cats always land on their feet, why people appear to have red eyes in photographs, and the real danger of looking at an eclipse.

  Handy Answer: The Handy Presidents Answer Book

Offering an engaging overview of the U.S. presidency and all past presidents, this valuable tome asks a variety of questions, from the trivial to the topical, that further expands one's understanding of America's highest office.

  Handy Answer: The Handy Psychology Answer Book

The Handy Psychology Book covers the fundamentals of psychology, the history of psychology, plus the psychology of money, sex, morality and everyday living.

  Handy Answer: The Handy Religion Answer Book

Clearly and eloquently written by a scholar with more than 40 years of study and teaching experience, The Handy Religion Answer Book is an easy-to-use comparative guide for anyone seeking basic religious literacy and intellectual history.

  Handy Answer: The Handy Science Answer Book

From the inner workings of the human body to the farthest reaches of the universe, The Handy Science Answer Book by The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh explains intriguing scientific concepts in plain English that everyone can understand.

There were no updated or retired titles this month.



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