I've purchased or subscribed to Add-on Content. How can I find this content in the platform?

If your account subscribes to Essentials Collections or has purchased Add-on Content, you can view and search within the collections in your Credo account. Here's where to find this content:

  • Find a Book - You can view title lists for each of your collections on the Find a Book page. Just look for the "Collections" list in the left-rail menu of that page.  This is also demonstrated in this how-to video.
  • Search Results page (example) - Run any search, then click the + sign next to "Collections" in the left-rail menu of that page. You'll have the option to limit your results to one collection at a time.
  • Advanced Search page - Go to the Advanced Search page and click the + sign next to "Select Collections" below the search boxes. You can select one or more collections on this page.

Custom collections or miscellaneous titles will be grouped under "Add-on Content."

We can additionally create a search box upon request for you to host on your website or LibGuides that will search only within this collection. 

You can get a definitive list of your subscribed or purchased collections within your Admin account (log-in required), or submit a support request and let us know you'd like to know the names of your collections. 

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