April 2015 Content Update

There were six new titles and two updated titles released to Public Core in April 2015. There are now 782 titles in the Public Core collection. If you subscribe to this package, see a full title list in your Admin account (log-in required), or check it out on our corporate site


New Public Core Titles: 


Essential Criminology

ISBN: 9780813348858

Designed as an alternative to overly comprehensive, lengthy, and expensive introductory texts, Essential Criminology is, as its title implies, a concise overview of the field. The book guides students through the various definitions of crime and the different ways crime is measured.


Fashion Design

ISBN: 9781856696197

This book offers a thorough grounding in the principles of fashion design, describing the qualities and skills needed to become a fashion designer, examining the varied career opportunities available and giving a balanced inside view of the fashion business today.


Football Stadiums: A Guide to Professional and Top College Stadiums

ISBN: 9781770852174

Football Stadiums tells the stories of about 150 of the great stadiums -- active and retired -- across the country that have hosted pro football or college football play. They are home to current NFL franchises and the best college teams and a source of endless fascination, research, discussion, and even pilgrimages.


Bloomsbury Biographical Dictionary of Quotations

ISBN: 9780747531159

Includes both familiar quotations and perceptive or witty sayings that are less well known. It includes, especially, sought quotations that reflect contemporary issues as well as those from literature and the Bible.


Bloomsbury Thematic Dictionary of Quotations

ISBN: 9780747531166

Includes thousands of quotes under 700 themes.  For example, under the entry politicians a wide variety of quotations appear, from Shakespeare, through Curzon and Churchill, to references to John Major and Paddy Ashdown.


Collins Dictionary of Quotations

ISBN: 9780007165414

Quotations arranged thematically for ease of reference.


Updated Public Core titles:


Britannica Concise Encyclopedia


From the editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica comes the thoroughly revised and expanded edition of Britannica's most popular publication worldwide. Comprehensive and engaging, the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia has comprehensive coverage on a variety of subjects including, arts, business, geography, history, literature, philosophy, politics, pop culture, science, sports, and more. With an easy-to-use format, pronunciation help, relevant tables, and international maps, this is the reference source that will be used over and over.


The Columbia Encyclopedia


Provides authoritative factual information about our world in its many guises - physical, historical, geographical, political, scientific, religious, and cultural.

There were no retired titles this month. A full list of updated and retired titles is always available upon request to support@credoreference.com

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