Our library uses EZ Proxy - how do I update my proxy to accomodate https://?

As part of a project to enhance our security, the Credo platform now supports https:// format URLs. In order to use the secure version of the Credo site, you should take the following steps:

1.  In your EZ Proxy config file, replace the existing Credo stanza with the following:

Option Cookie

Title Credo Reference
URL http://search.credoreference.com
DJ credoreference.com

HJ api.credoreference.com
HJ cdn.credoreference.com
HJ credoreference.com
HJ homework.credoreference.com
HJ literati.credoreference.com
HJ login.credoreference.com
HJ school.credoreference.com
HJ support.credoreference.com
HJ vle.credoreference.com
HJ www.credoreference.com
HJ https://api.credoreference.com
HJ https://cdn.credoreference.com
HJ https://homework.credoreference.com
HJ https://literati.credoreference.com
HJ https://media.credoreference.com
HJ https://school.credoreference.com
HJ https://search.credoreference.com
HJ https://support.credoreference.com
HJ https://vle.credoreference.com

NeverProxy media.credoreference.com
NeverProxy assets.credoreference.com

2. Add an SSL Certificate to support our secure site (https://). Documentation can be found on OCLC's site here

3. Update your Credo URL to the secure version:


For help modifying your MARC records or other links, or if you have any questions or concerns, please email support@credoreference.com or OCLC support at support@oclc.org. You can also read more about EZ Proxy integration with Credo here. Please note that we will support TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, so all versions of EZ Proxy 5.7+ should be able to access our secure site. 



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