Logo and Library Links

This page describes how to update your account's customization. For the full version with screenshots, see our Complete Admin Guide

Adding or updating your logo

Upload your Library’s logo and add an associated link and image text.  This logo will be displayed in the upper right corner of every Credo Reference screen, and clicking on the logo will bring you to the linked page. The image text will appear on mobile browsers instead of the logo.

Steps to Upload Logo

  1. Save logo that you’d like to upload to your computer (suggested size limit: 50 px high)
  2. Click “Browse” to upload the logo from your files
  3. Image Link Destination:  Enter URL of Library or Institution website
  4. Image Title Text: Type text that you’d like to display when logo is moused over. On mobile browsers, this text will display instead of the logo, so we suggest using your Institution or Library’s full name.
  5. Click “Save”. Changes will appear within a few minutes. You may need to log out and log back in to see your new logo and display information on the platform.

Updating "My Library Links"

You can choose any four links that will show up on each page of your Credo account. You might link to your library's home page, your catalog, your online resources, or any web page you'd like to feature. The URL must start with http:// for a webpage.  Links are located as shown in the image below:


How to add Static Links:

  1. Enter the text you’d like your users to see into the cells named: “Display Text”
  2. Enter the URL of the website you’d like to link to in the cells named: “Link Destination” (make sure they begin with ‘http://’)
  3. Click Save.
  4. Tip: You can add a link that will open an email message to your library - just write ‘mailto:’ before your the email address. Example:






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