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Your videos from within the courseware are now available as a fully authenticated widget that you can use anywhere you desire.

The first step is to let us at Credo support know that you want to use the widgets so we can set your account up for the authentication. After that, simply copy and paste the following widget code. You may then edit the width or height attributes and change out the video ID (see the bolded lines of the widget code). A list of the video IDs follows.

<div id="credoVideo"></div>

   <script src="//"></script>

   <script src="//"></script>



     $: jQuery.noConflict(true),

     selector: '#credoVideo',

     video: 'lfkghn5zai',

     width: 400




Credo Courseware Video IDs:

Section: Why Information Literacy Matters

  • Why Information Literacy Matters: chbnev7vsw
  • Life in the Information Age: dm653pmouz

 Section: Getting Started with Research

  • The Research Process: 0odjyu759w
  • So You Just Got Assigned a Research Paper: huk509qtix
  • Narrowing Your Topic: bud2l50uee
  • Thesis Statements: ug51m6ftf3

Section: Sources of Information

  • How Data Becomes Knowledge: pxakzvhzm3
  • Peer Review: 664ht2ux4f
  • Types of Resources: ccdd428kb4
  • Primary & Secondary Sources: w62o3huobu
  • Government Information: pne5bzfrq3
  • How to Read Scholarly Materials: sywjwbd57f

Section: Gathering Information

  • Choosing a Database: wru9o2gmbu
  • Refining Search Results: 6hzksqbv9o

Section: Evaluating Information

  • What is Authority?: xqhf8n69cg
  • Citation Needed: tyoibu55fd
  • Evaluating Sources: wxjud6ez61
  • Objectivity in Reporting: nyekcrcp8a
  • Visual Literacy: 79y24c54ed
  • Important Concepts in Statistical Evaluation: nsfpiwiuy7
  • Questions to Ask When Evaluating Statistics: hin7antdk9

Section: Using Information

  • Synthesizing Information: rj1vydjd6x
  • Writing Techniques: nowf5c7nyd

 Section: Citations

  • Why Citations Matter: yhs9hofyry
  • APA Style Citations: uxzrs1w3mx
  • MLA Style Citations: t72kclbbqb
  • Harvard Style Citations: kxlh12cgmh
  • Turabian Style Citations: 5q7gbea65x
  • Chicago Style Book Citations: bir5n2c9j9
  • Chicago Style Journal & Website Citations: jch5sdn0ld
  • AMA Style Citations: imd3qepl5j

Section: Information Managment

  • Information Management Systems: irx4rpuix1
  • How Data Becomes Knowledge: pxakzvhzm3

Section: Presenting Information

  • Anatomy of a Research Paper: 6uqlooc9vq
  • Preparing a Presentation: vzu0w96ll2
  • Delivering a Presentation: 9ox40m0vfk

Section: Ethical & Social Issues

  • Academic Integrity: lfkghn5zai
  • What is Plagiarism?: 2tqpcw1kue
  • Adventures in Plagiarism: gt5gckvcjw
  • Copyright: zsr4p79gal
  • Privacy Issues: wmg197o9vs

Section: Study Skills

  • Study Skills: rgy1gx390s
  • Note Taking: enegqknz6l
  • Reading Tips: fuupqeruhv
  • Time Management: h3c1p5gnku

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