Desire 2 Learn LTI Integration

Adding and LTI link to your D2L course is a three step process. The first step is where you set Credo up as an LTI tool provider, the second step is setting up each of the links given to you by Credo so they can easily be used in courses, and the third (and optional) step is to associate with a gradebook column.

Step 1: Adding Credo as an LTI tool provider

  • 1. Click on "Edit Course" in the top navigation bar.

  • 2. Click on "External Learning Tools"

  • 3. Click on ""Manage Tool Providers" and then click on "New Tool Provider"

  • 4. When you create the tool provider, you will need to input the following fields: 
    • Launch Point: This is the LTI domain given to you by Credo
    • Secret: This is the Shared Secret given to you by Credo
    • Tool consumer information: Check the box to use custom tool info
    • Key: This is the Consumer key given to you by Credo
    • Name/Description: Fill these in so everyone who uses a Credo link will know what it is.


  • 5. Fill in the settings as follows:
    • Visibility settings: Checked
    • Security settings (these must all be checked or the tool will not work)
    • Make tool provider available to: You can adjust this setting to the D2L roles and org levels that you wish.

Step 2: Creating the LTI links

  • 1. Click on "Manage external learning tool links" and then select "new link"

  • 2. Fill in a relevant title to you, and the URL that Credo gave you. You can also provide a link description. Be sure to check the checkbox for visibility settings.

  • 2. Under the "Key/Secret" section, you can "sign message with" and check the box next to "tool consumer key/secret" (this way you don't need to enter them again) and you can leave the boxes blank.

  • 2. For the "Security Settings" section, select the button next to "Use tool provider security settings". If you want link-specific settings, you can select the other box and change the settings for every link. Make the link available to whichever orgs you want. Then click "Save and close"

Step 3: Associate with a Gradebook Column

Once you put the assignment into your course, click on the link for the LTI assignment.

Then scroll to the bottom of the assignment and select which gradebook column to associate the item with, or create a new one if needed. Just be sure to disassociate the item from the gradebook BEFORE deleting the LTI item itself.


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