Canvas (New UI) LTI Integration Tutorial

Canvas has excellent documentation that leads instructors through the process of linking an LTI assignment. Alternatively, you may follow the instructions below.

Adding the quiz as an "external tool"

Step 1: Go to Settings in the left-hand navigation, click on the tab titled "Apps", and then click on "View App Configurations."


Step 2: Click on "Add App"


Step 3: Fill in the details on the "Add App" pop up window as follows:

  • Configuration Type: Manual Entry
  • Name: Whatever you would like
  • Consumer key and Shared Secret: Both are given to you in your integration doc. If you have forgotten your key and secret, please contact Credo support.
  • Launch URL: Enter the URL for the item that is given to you in your integration doc.
  • Domain: This is given to you in your integration doc.



Adding the external tool as an assignment

Step 1: Click "Assignments" and then "Add Assignment."

Step 2: Fill in the name of the assignment, along with the description of your choice.

Step 3: Be sure to fill in the point value, assign it a group if you need it, and decide how you want the assignment to display. For "Submission Type" please select "External Tool" then search and Find the tool you just created.


Step 4: In the popup box, locate and select your tool.


Adding the assignment to a module

Step 1: Select "Modules" in the left-hand navigation, then either add new modules or click the "plus" button to add an assignment to an existing module.


Step 2: In the popup, select "Assignment" and the locate and select the assignment you just created and want to add to your module. 

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