June 2016 Content Update

Four updated titles were released to Public Core in June 2016. There were no new titles.

There are now 845 titles in the Public Core collection. If you subscribe to this package, see a full title list in your Admin account (log-in required), or check it out on our corporate site.  

Updated Public Core Titles: 


Handy Answer: The Handy Psychology Answer Book

ISBN: 9781578595082

The Handy Psychology Answer Book seeks to inform readers with accurate data written in a lively, accessible, and engaging way. It bridges the gap by taking you on a journey through the history and science of psychology and showing how psychology affects us all.


The Hutchinson Chronology of World History


A chronology of world history through 2015.


The Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography


Provides an authoritative and accessible look at the lives of the men and women who have shaped science


The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide


An authoritative insight into the worlds of science and technology, history, geography, politics and the arts.


A full list of updated and retired titles is always available upon request to support@credoreference.com.


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