Using Credo content in instructional material or course guides


How can Credo support your institution’s courses? Use our permalinking function (the chain icon in the top menu of every Credo page; see screenshot below) to add this Credo content to your LMS, course guides, or subject guides:

  • Specific books or book lists, to use Credo titles as textbooks

Titles already in your account

Titles available to be added to your account

Example: UC Merced has used our language-specific titles in their linguistics guide:

  • Topic Pages or entries, to define or provide an orientation to a specific subject

Browse Topic Pages:

  • Videos - over 1200 in Academic Core, on Science, Medicine, Art, and more

    Learn more:

  • Primary Sources, to engage students with original documents and authentic voices

          Learn more:

  • Search boxes, to help users find relevant content as quickly and seamlessly as possible

    Available here:

Example: UNC Wilmington has used a Credo search box on their "Getting Started with Researching" LibGuide:

Are you using Credo materials in your courses? Share your feedback! 


Finding the Permalink icon in your Credo account:




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