Accessing Student Enrollment Data

The analytics of Credo Courseware are robust and varied. You can gauge student engagement via a variety of participation and enrollment dat downloads and statistics. There are two main methods - first discussed is the data download for individual student enrollment information (including student names and emails) and then using enrollment analytics to determine aggregate enrollment.

Method 1: Using Data Download (Determines Enrollment Status)

Step 1: If you simply just want a list of students enrolled in your course, and are not concerned with their participation or engagement, your best method is to get a data download of enrolled students. To do this, go into your course and click on the "Instructor" tab, and then the "Data Download" tab. 

image of the instructor page

Step 2: Once on the Data Download page, click on "Download profile information as CSV." This report will give you the enrolled students name and email so you can correlate them with your classes.

image of the instructor page

Step 3: You will see a green bar at the bottom of the page saying that your report is being generated. Once the report is complete, you will see a link at the bottom of the page. Right click on the link and download the CSV file - it will open in Excel.

image of the green bar image of the downloadable link


Method 2: Enrollment Analytics (Determines Aggregate Enrollment)

If you want further information about when you students enrolled over time and more of an aggregate view of the course enrollment (without identifying student information), you will be better served by using the enrollment analytics.

Step 1: From the course home, click on the "Instructor" tab, and then click on "Analytics." You will see a sentence that says "For analytics about your course, go to Credo Courseware Insights." Click on the link to go to the Analytics site.

image of the instructor page

Step 2: Once on the analytics site, click on "Enrollment"

image of the analytics page

Step 3: You will see a time graph of student enrollment and below that a table of enrollment numbers by date. This table is downloadable as a CSV format. Click on the "Download to CSV" to download the data.

image of the enrollment data pageimage of the enrollment data page

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