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Question: Help! I registered but it says I'm not enrolled in any courses on my dashboard!


Answer: If you've already registered and are not seeing any courses in your My Courses list, click on the following link and log in to access the course:

If you are logged in at this URL, and you see a message indicating that you are not enrolled in the course, please try the following steps:
- Go to: https://apus.credocourseware.com and login.
- While logged in navigate to this page: https://apus.credocourseware.com/courses/course-v1:American-Public-University-System+COLL-100+Oct-2016/about
- On this page please select the "enroll in" button if this option appears.
- Log out and then back in to https://apus.credocourseware.com

If you continue having trouble seeing your course, you can try the steps on our troubleshooting FAQ page:
/https://credoreference.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/209762833 or contact Credo Support at support@credoeducation.com.

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