My federated search service isn't showing my Credo content, or is showing errors - why?


If you're seeing error messages when you click your Credo links, it's possible you've enabled the wrong package in your Discovery or Metasearch Admin. Most of our users subscribe to the Academic Core product, which was formerly known as Credo General Reference Premium. Some institutions will instead have the packages Student Core or Public Core, or Add-on Content (formerly Publisher and Subject Collections). You can get a definitive list of your subscribed or purchased collections within your Admin account.

Most Discovery and Metasearch vendors offer other packages that contain different groups of titles, including our Add-on Content titles which are not part of a standard subscription. Depending on the vendor, these packages might be called "Credo Reference titles," "Credo Reference (Xreferplus)" and "Credo Specialist Reference (Publisher Collection)" - don't choose these! If you don't see a collection name in your Discovery Service that matches what you see in your Credo Admin, contact for further help.

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