What Boolean operators can be used in the Credo platform?


To save time, certain advanced search commands can be entered into the main search box. Note that these words don't have to be capitalized to serve as operators. 

OR - Putting OR between two words or phrases in quotes will show you all of the results for each of  the words or phrases. 

Example: golden OR gilded



AND - Connecting words or quoted phrases with AND ensures that both exact phrases will be in the results (note that words and phrases entered into the basic search box are implicitly joined with AND) 

Example: "Human Rights" and "Eleanor Roosevelt"



NOT - Prefacing a word or quoted phrase with NOT excludes any articles containing that word or phrase from your search results. 



* - Using the wildcard character * allows you to stem words to find variations. The * stands for any number of letters, not just a single letter. 

Example: suffrag* brings up both "suffrage" and "suffragette"



More complicated Boolean searches are possible by adding parentheses, such as rush (california or klondike), but you may also wish to consider running an advanced search at https://search.credoreference.com/advancedsearch.

If you have any questions, please email support@credoreference.com.



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