2017 Credo Online Reference Service Platform Updates


On July 7, 2017, the Credo Online Reference Service was given a few key updates, with a focus on usability and decluttering. As we designed these changes, we incorporated customer suggestions, user testing, and our vision of students starting their research with reference.

To see the refreshed platform, log into your account now, or see some sample screenshots below.

Changes to the Top Bar Navigation

We've tidied up the navigation bar, moving your library links into a menu associated with your logo, and moving the tabs to the "Explore" menu, putting more of a focus on the Credo search bar. The search bar expands when clicked to show the search type and subject options, as illustrated in the gif below. The Tools tab, and the associated page, have been retired. The Saved Results folder icon now has a counter, making it easier for a user to find his session-based saved entries. 



Streamlined Search results

We've added icons for different types of content, and modified the headings and display to be easier to navigate. The images have been moved to the right for easier scanning of entries.



Simplified Topic Page Targets

Where we integrate third-party resources into Topic Pages, we've removed extraneous information passed to us by the vendors to focus on a link to each article and the article's full title. This should encourage your users to continue their research in your library's other resources.

We'll be hosting walkthroughs of the refreshed platform in mid-summer - check in on our training page for the dates to be announced, or contact support@credoreference.com to be notified of updates.


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