Linking with your Infobase account ID


PLEASE NOTE: This information was updated in August 2023 following the Credo platform refresh. For more about the update see here, or contact


All Credo URLs support the use of the aid= parameter, which uses a unique account ID number to facilitate remote authentication. This value is your Infobase account number, and corresponds to your account record in our account management system. We particularly recommend using aid= in your Credo links if you do not use a proxy for access, or if you share a proxy server with other institutions, since it will help students log in to the correct account. After authentication, the user will land directly on the page they were trying to access. 

The Preferred Remote Authentication method must be set by Credo Support ( in your account, as this setting is managed in our internal records system, not in the Infobase Admin. The options are proxy, library card, username and password, Google SSO, Shibboleth, or OpenAthens. See here for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: The aid= value is not the same as your legacy Credo ID. The legacy Credo ID value is still supported in legacy-format links using ?institutionId=, but will not work with links from the new platform. You will still see these values in your MARC records, which must be obtained from legacy Admin at This value is also still used to set up the EDS widget.


How to find your ID

There are a few ways to find your account’s aid= value.

  1. Ask Credo Support - Simply email, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the correct aid number.
  2. Check your Credo permalinks -

    The permalinks are found in one of three places depending on what area of the site you're in:

    • The "Copy Link" chain icon at the upper right of "search results" and "browse" pages
    • The "Share" link in the entry menu
    • The "Record URL" information at the bottom of an entry
    Copy the link, paste it into a text program or browser address bar, and look for ‘?aid=’ in the URL. 
  3. Log into your Credo Admin account at; the information will be in the upper left corner.

account ID.png


How to use

The correct format for the AID to be added is ?aid=***, or in a URL that already has a ?, &aid=***. The permalink function will add this in the correct format automatically. For more link format types, see this Help Center article. 


Linking to the home page:

Linking to an entry page:

Linking to a title page:


What Users Will See

- If a user is on-campus, they will authenticate via IP without hitting the remote authentication method prompt.

- If a user is off-campus, there are different scenarios based on your remote authentication type:

  • Proxy, OpenAthens, Shibboleth, or Google Domain: they will be sent directly to the log-in page for that system without seeing a Credo page. 
  • Library Card or Username and password: they will be prompted for the information on the Credo log-in page. 
  • Referring URL is not eligible for this type of redirect, although the aid= URLs can be used on the specified referrer page for seamless access. 

If you are experiencing any issues with this function please email


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