What's the Difference Between Secondary School Core and Secondary School Core with Backfile?


In 2015, Credo introduced a "curated" version of our Secondary School Core package. Unlike the traditional Secondary School Core collection, the curated Secondary School Core is weeded to remove titles that are outdated, redundant, or have very low overall usage. 

This version of the collection is weeded once a year, around the end of the calendar year (late December/early January). 

The pre-2015 version of Secondary School Core is still available to customers, but is now called "Secondary School Core with Backfile." With this version, we replace old editions when new ones are released, as we've always done, and remove titles at the publisher's request, but otherwise we do not initiate any title removals. Secondary School Core is identical to the pre-2015 Secondary School Core collection - only the name has changed.

There is no difference in price between the versions of Secondary School Core; both are treated as Secondary School Core for invoicing purposes. Current subscribers are welcome to switch to curated Secondary School Core on a trial basis, and switch back any time you'd like during your subscription. Any customers who subscribe to Secondary School Core after January 7, 2015 will automatically receive the curated version, but can opt into Secondary School Core with Backfile upon request. 

If you'd like further information, or wish to opt into either version of the collection, please email support@credoreference.com.

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