November 2020 Content Update Public Core


8 new titles were released to Public Core in November 2020. There are now 1006 titles in the Public Core collection. If you subscribe to this package, see a full title list in your Admin account (log-in required), or check it out on our corporate site.


New Public Core Titles:


Assassinations: The Plots, Politics, and Powers behind History-changing Murders

ISBN: 9781578596904

From the cunning, calculating, government-trained warriors to the psychopathic, homegrown freelancers, you can find them all in Assassinations: The Plots, Politics, and Powers behind History-changing Murders.


Civil War Biographies from the Western Waters: 956 Confederate and Union Naval and Military Personnel, Contractors, Politicians, Officials, Steamboat Pilots and Others

ISBN: 9780786469673

Included in this biographical encyclopedia are Union and Confederate naval officers down to the rank of mate; enlisted sailors who won the Medal of Honor, or otherwise distinguished themselves or who wrote accounts of life on the gunboats; army officers and leaders who played a direct role in combat along Western waters; political officials who influenced river operations; civilian steamboat captains and pilots who participated in wartime logistics; and civilian contractors directly involved, including shipbuilders, dam builders, naval constructors and munitions experts.


Cybersecurity: Current Writings on Threats and Protection

ISBN: 9781476674407

This handbook of cybersecurity best practices is for public officials and citizens, employers and employees, corporations and consumers. Essays also address the development of state-of-the-art software systems and hardware for public and private organizations.


Health Reference Series: Diseases and Illnesses Transmitted to Humans from Animals and Insects and Contaminated Food and Water

ISBN: 9780780817920

Diseases and Illnesses Transmitted to Humans from Animals and Insects and Contaminated Food and Water explains the various diseases and illnesses that are spread by animals, insects, and through the contamination of food and water, along with the processes involved in identifying an outbreak of these illnesses and diseases. The book also provides tips and safety measures to protect yourself and your family, including an explanation of the epidemiology of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases caused by these pathogens. It also includes a directory of organizations that provide additional help and information.


Health Reference Series: Emerging Infectious Diseases Sourcebook

ISBN: 9780780817098

Provides basic consumer health information about the immune system, facts about the spread of disease, information on emerging infectious diseases, international travel guidance, diagnostic tests, treatment methods, and prevention and vaccination programs, along with reports on current research initiatives and additional resources.


The SAGE Handbook of Inclusion and Diversity in Education

ISBN: 9781526435552

This handbook examines policy and practice from around the world with respect to broadly conceived notions of inclusion and diversity within education.


The SAGE Handbook of International Migration

ISBN: 9781412961752

The SAGE Handbook of International Migration provides an authoritative and informed analysis of key issues in international migration, including its crucial significance far beyond the more traditional questions of immigrant settlement and incorporation in particular countries.


Wiley Blackwell Companions to World History: A Companion to Nazi Germany

ISBN: 9781118936887

A Companion to Nazi Germany addresses crucial questions with historical insight from the Nazi Party's emergence in the 1920s through its postwar repercussions. From the theory and context that gave rise to the movement, through its structural, cultural, economic, and social impacts, to the era's lasting legacy, this book offers an in-depth examination of modern history's most infamous reign.

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