October 2020 Content Update Secondary School Core


8 new titles were added to Secondary School Core and Secondary School Core with Backfile in October 2020. There are now 958 titles in the Secondary School Core collection, and 1117 titles in Secondary School Core with Backfile. If you subscribe to one of these packages, see a full title list in your Admin account (log-in required), or check it out on our corporate site: Secondary School Core, Secondary School Core with Backfile.


New Secondary School Core Titles:


Air Pollution

ISBN: 9781786393890

Written by a team of international experts, this book aims to provide a broad overview of the issues surrounding air pollution and how to control and monitor pollution levels.



American Social and Political Movements of the 20th Century: Rethinking the American Labor Movement

ISBN: 9780415895835

Elizabeth Faue reconsiders the varied strains of the labor movement, situating them within the context of rapidly transforming twentieth-century American society to show how these efforts have formed a political and social movement that has shaped the trajectory of American life. Rethinking the American Labor Movement is indispensable reading for scholars and students interested in American labor in the twentieth century and in the interplay between labor, wealth, and power.



Encyclopedia of the United States Cabinet

ISBN: 9781642650990

This authoritative work showcases the cabinets of all 45 presidential administrations, from George Washington to Donald J. Trump.



Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology

ISBN: 9781410317810

This accessible resource covers the entire spectrum of psychology, including: notable people, theories and terms, landmark case studies and experiments, primary source materials, applications of psychology in advertising, medicine and sports, and career information.



Opinions Throughout History: Opinions Throughout History: Presidential Authority

ISBN: 9781642654509

This volume looks at how American presidents have used the power of the presidency not only to shape America's domestic and foreign policy, but also for personal gain.



Opinions Throughout History: Opinions Throughout History: Voters' Rights

ISBN: 9781642650686

Opinions Throughout History: Voters' Rights provides readers with an in-depth exploration of not only the topic of voter suppression, but how public opinion influenced action on voters' rights, from the founding of the country, when most states limited the right to vote to property-owning males, to the establishment in 2017 of the Presidential Advisory Commission of Election Integrity, and beyond, to how voter suppression efforts affected the 2018 elections.



The Basics: Magic: The Basics

ISBN: 9781138809604

Magic: The Basics is a concise and engaging introduction to magic in world history and contemporary societies.



The SAGE Handbook of Propaganda

ISBN: 9781526459985

The SAGE Handbook of Propaganda tells a radical new story about propaganda, fake news and information warfare and their toxic impact on the communications revolution of the past twenty years. It explains how propaganda invades the human psyche, in what ways it does so, and in what contexts.


There were no updated or retired titles this month. A full list of updated and retired titles is always available upon request to support@credoreference.com.

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