April/May 2022 Content Update Public Core


6 new titles and 9 updated titles were released to Public Core in May 2022.

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On June 29, 2022, we will be retiring 9 Wiley titles from this collection. See a title list here or download MARC purge records hereThose using the pre-defined collections in Discovery Systems such as EDS and Summon will have the titles removed automatically.

There are now 1102 titles in the Public Core collection. If you subscribe to this package, see a full title list in your Admin account (log-in required), or check it out on our corporate site.


New Public Core Titles:


Doing Business 2019: Training for Reform

ISBN: 9781464813269

Doing Business illustrates how reforms in business regulations are being used to analyze economic outcomes for domestic entrepreneurs and for the wider economy.


Handbook of Deep Trade Agreements

ISBN: 9781464815393

This Handbook presents detailed data and analysis on the content of the policy areas most frequently covered in DTAs, focusing on the stated objectives, substantive commitments, and other aspects such as transparency, procedures, and enforcement. Each chapter, authored by lead experts in their respective fields, explains in detail the methodology used to collect the information and provides a first look at the evidence by policy area.


Health Reference Series: Global Public Health and Disease Control Sourcebook

ISBN: 9780780819665

Provides basic consumer information on global public health, infectious diseases that affect global public health, environmental pollutants that affect global public health, and precautions to control these global infections. Includes an index and a directory of organizations for additional help and information.


Timelines in American History: The 21st Century Timeline

ISBN: 9781438163918

The 21st Century Timeline presents a detailed chronology that highlights the major events of the century from 2000 to 2015.


Vaccination Investigation: The History and Science of Vaccines

ISBN: 9781512425307

Vaccine Investigation recounts the fascinating history of vaccines, their important role in protecting community health, and the excitement of cutting-edge research.


Violence without Borders: The Internationalization of Crime and Conflict

ISBN: 9781464814525

The Internationalization of Crime, Conflict, and Violence, offers a unified framework to take stock of the theoretical and empirical literature on crime, conflict, and violence and to discuss how the international community organizes itself to address security as a regional and global public good.

Updated Public Core Titles:


Encyclopedia of American Studies


A comprehensive source of reference that brings together a wide range of disciplines related to the history and cultures of the United States, from pre-colonial days to the present


Teen Finance Series: Cash, Credit and Credit Repair Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780818521

Cash, Credit and Credit Repair Information for Teens, Fourth Edition provides an updated look at how teens can earn and manage money.


Teen Health Series: Alcohol Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780818972

Alcohol Information for Teens, Fifth Edition provides updated information about the use and misuse of alcohol.


Teen Health Series: Cancer Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780819276

Cancer Information For Teens, Fifth Edition presents updated facts about cancer causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.


Teen Health Series: Diet Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780817418

Diet Information For Teens, Fifth Edition provides information about healthy smart dietary choices, including facts from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


Teen Health Series: Eating Disorders Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780819238

Eating Disorders Information For Teens, Fifth Edition, discusses the differences between healthy eating patterns and anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating syndrome, emotional eating, orthorexia, pica, and other eating disorders.


Teen Health Series: Fitness Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780819689

Provides consumer health information for teens about maintaining health through physical activity, including facts about preventing injury and overcoming obstacles to fitness. Includes index and resource information.


Teen Health Series: Mental Health Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780819252

Mental Health Information for Teens, Sixth Edition offers updated information on mental health and its importance. It presents facts about the causes, warning signs, and diagnosis of mental illnesses, and explains how the adolescent brain differs from the adult brain.


Teen Health Series: Pregnancy Information for Teens

ISBN: 9780780818996

Pregnancy Information For Teens, Fourth Edition discusses the bewildering array of choices to be made and the obstacles to be overcome when a young woman faces an unplanned pregnancy.



There were no retired titles this month. A full list of updated and retired titles is always available upon request to support@credoreference.com.

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