Logos & Posters


Logos & Posters

Find hand-outs, posters and digital images that can be used to promote Credo Reference in your community. Right-click image to download png file. Click size of choice for PDF.




Promotional Posters & Handouts

Print these posters to hang around your library or use them as screensavers. Show your library users what they’ll find on Credo Reference.  Right Click to download. 

Credo Reference Poster
Size: 8x11

Mind Map Poster
Size: 8x11 / A4

"Cite This" Poster
Size: 8x11 / A4 / 11x17

Table Topper - Print and Fold
English: 8x11
Español: 8x11

Academic Content Handout
Size: 8x11 / A4

Complete Content Handout
Size: 8x11 / A4

Public Libraries:
DK Content Handout 
Size: 8x11 / A4

Mind Map Poetry Contest
Type: Poster / Entries



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