2023 Credo Reference Platform Updates


We’re working behind the scenes to migrate the underlying service of the Credo Reference and Source platforms onto Infobase’s platform. This will also include some minor cosmetic work so that Credo resembles Infobase resources more closely. We are committed to making changes at off-peak times such as summer or winter break to minimize impacts to users.


We've completed the migration! Please email support@credoreference.com with any issues or feedback. 

Pending issues:

8/10/23: There will be a freeze on updates to the legacy Admin portal, starting today August 10. If you'd like any Admin changes made, please contact . You can still run reports and generate title lists and MARC records with your usual Admin credentials, but will be logged out if you navigate to any customization pages.


8/7/23: We've committed to a date! The migration will start on August 19, 2023 at 8 AM; expect minor issues with the site through August 21.

Will the URLs change? 

  • The platform URL will NOT change. The URL will continue to be https://search.credoreference.com, and existing paths will redirect to the new format where applicable. If all goes as planned, no updates on the user side will be necessary.
  • The Admin URL will change. The new Credo Admin URL will be https://admin.infobase.com/ starting on August 21. This site will be accessed with your existing Admin credentials (unless they begin with stats@ - see below).  The legacy Admin pages will remain available for a period of time, we hope at least until the end of the year, to allow users to run their historical stats. There should be banners in the legacy Admin platform that will point you to the new platform if you don't have the direct URL handy.


What else will change? 

  • We’ve done a light redesign of the user interface, with a cleaner homepage and dedicated Mind Map and Advanced Search pages. Learn more here (PDF).
  • If you are using Google Authentication, you should use a new URL to point directly to that login type. Affected subscribers will be messaged directly with the new information. 
  • Any limited-access log-in starting with “stats@” will be retired, as there is no equivalent function in the Infobase Admin. 
  • The existing Credo LTI and API integrations will be retired. As soon as we have updated info, we’ll post it on our Help Center, or, please email support@credoreference.com to be notified directly.
  • If you use EBSCO Discovery Service, you may need to make an update to your information in that system to continue using your Credo widget. We are working with EBSCO to minimize disruption to this integration.
  • The automated usage reporting method “SUSHI harvesting” will require updated credentials. If you are running reports with SUSHI, email support@credoreference.com for more information.


What will NOT change?

  • All current authentication methods and credentials will be supported.
  • The subscribed and/or purchased content in your account will continue to be available. 
  • Your customization (logo, links, connections to other resources) will be carried over.
  • We will not be offering individual user accounts within the Credo platform at launch, so privacy documentation will not need to be updated. For any documentation concerns, please contact support@credoreference.com


8/3/23: We've just released a new Change Deck (PDF) and video (below) comparing the features of the old and new platforms. 


Check out this preview video of the new design:


We've released a preview of the homepage design (click to enlarge):

New Credo homepage design


Some changes that will likely happen as part of the migration: 

 - The base URL of the Credo platform will not change, and we anticipate that existing links will redirect to the correct format on the new platform for an indefinite period of time. We currently believe that NO proxy updates will be necessary.

- The Admin URL will change to https://admin.infobase.com/. Your Credo subscription will be managed alongside your other Infobase subscriptions, if any. 

- The Source platform URL will change to https://credosource.infobase.com/. Admins of Source accounts will have to update links manually. The URL can be used now, and will redirect to the old platform until the migration goes live.

- The limited-access Admin logins that start with “stats@” will be retired. Other Admin logins would not be affected, and will work at the new URL (https://admin.infobase.com/).

- The resource groups option on the Admin linking page will be retired. 

- For the small number of subscribers to Homescreen+ (formerly Literati), the video integrations on the homepage will be replaced with Credo's Research Quick Tips. 

- Although we initially thought that it would, the new platform will NOT offer individual user accounts, like other Infobase databases. There should be no updates necessary to your privacy policy documents [ie HECVAT Lite document].

- An updated VPAT will be available shortly. 

- The Credo LTI integration will be retired in favor of the Infobase LTI, and will need to be set up again. We'll message affected accounts as we have more information. 


If you have any feedback on these changes, or would like to weigh in on other aspects of the platform migration, please email support@credoreference.com.


Email #1, sent April 5, 2023:


An Enhanced Credo Platform Is Coming This Year!

An Enhanced Credo Platform Is Coming This Year!

As you may know, Credo is launching a new platform later this year! The new platform will bring a sleeker user interface and enhanced features to improve research and instruction.


These are some of the highlights: 

  • New, refreshed home page
  • Improved Mind Map with a dedicated page to use in instruction
  • Easier navigation and better visibility for:
    • Filtering 
    • Federated search integrations 
    • Research Quick Tips
    • Book navigation
  • Advanced Search refinement
  • New personal folders for users to save results
  • Updated summary articles on current topics and top search terms

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to launch! Check out our help center support page for ongoing updates.

Be sure to spread the word about this update with staff and users! Feel free to reach out to Customer Support for more information.

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