EBSCOhost databases can be activated on your Credo Reference Librarian Admin module. See screenshot below:

Librarian Admin setting up EBSCOhost

To activate EBSCO on your Topic Pages you will need the following information:

  • Your institution’s EBSCO z39.50 Username
  • Your institution’s EBSCO z39.50 Password

You can request these from EBSCO by using the template below:

To: eptech@ebscohost.com

We would like to add EBSCO databases to our Credo Reference Topic Pages. Would you be able to provide us our z39.50 username/passwords for the following databases?

  • List databases that you would like to add

Or Credo Reference can request this information for you. Please contact Credo Support for assistance.

Steps for Activation of EBSCO in Librarian Admin:

  1. Click the circle next to 'Active'
  2. Enter EBSCO z39.50 username/password (no spaces before or after)
  3. Choose the subjects you'd like this database to display under
  4. Click Save


Type of Search:

Credo is returning results from EBSCOhost based on a subject search, except for the exceptions listed below. The search phrase is used as the search term in EBSCO.

Title search:

  • CINAHL Plus
  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text
  • CINAHL with Full Text
  • Mental Measurements Yearbook
  • Nursing Reference Center
  • Old Testament Abstracts
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