Gale resources can be set up immediately in your Admin module, or we are happy to do it for you upon request to

To self-serve, you will need your institution’s Gale User ID. This is typically found with u= or id= in your Gale URLs. For example, in the link

"YRSCHOOL" is the Gale ID. You can also look up the information on this Gale page

Add the ID to the set-up page for the Gale databases listed on this Credo Admin page (login required). 

Type of Search

Credo is returning results from Gale based on a subject search, except for the exceptions below. The Credo search term is used as the search term in Gale.

Title search

  • Book Review Index Online
  • Book Review Index Online Plus
  • Contemporary Authors
  • Contemporary Literary Criticism Select
  • What Do I Read Next?


Keyword search

  • Literature Resource Center - Reference
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