Library Card Authentication


PLEASE NOTE: This information was updated in August 2023 following the Credo platform refresh. For more about the update see here, or contact


If your patrons have library barcodes, student ID numbers, or other identifiers that follow a predictable pattern, this information can be used for remote access to your Credo Online Reference Service account.

To enable this method of authentication, provide us with the barcode number pattern or patterns that all identifying numbers will follow, such as "all barcodes start with 1156 or 1157 and have 14 total digits" or "all barcodes start with 21 and have 5 digits followed by an X." Providing several example barcodes may also be helpful. 

Please email this information to We maintain the barcode information internally, and it will not appear in your Admin account, so please contact us with any updates.

Once your library card pattern is set up in our system, Support will provide you with the correct link. This will be in the format****

Where *** is your Infobase ID. Please note that this value does not match the legacy Credo account ID.

This link will accept IP authentication from in-library users and prompt remote users for a barcode, so it can be used as the primary link to Credo. 

Once you have this authentication method set up, it will automatically become part of your permalinks and MARC records.

We can also provide you with an updated set of MARC records or a special search box that incorporates the library card prompt upon request to

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