Google Apps Authentication


PLEASE NOTE: This information was updated in August 2023 following the Credo platform refresh. For more about the update see here, or contact


If your institution uses Google Apps for Education (aka G Suite for Education) and has a hosted email domain or domains, we can set up Google Authentication into your Credo account. Here are the steps:

1. Contact with your Google Apps domain information. This should match your email address after the @ sign. For example, has the domain Note that addresses will not work for this type of authentication; users must have an email address that includes your institution's domain. We can support multiple domains, for example a student domain and a staff domain.

2. Support will provide you with the correct link. This will be in the format**** (for Credo Reference customers)

or**** (for Credo Source customers)


Where *** is your Infobase ID. Please note that this value does not match the legacy Credo account ID. If you misplace the link support provides, see tips on finding your ID here.

3. Click on this link and select "Sign in With Google." Choose the email address associated with your school, and input your Google apps credentials when prompted to do so. 

4. Depending on your Google settings, a permission screen may appear. If it does, click "Allow". (Please note that we do not use or store your basic profile info; we only use your email address to authenticate your account. Learn more about permissions here:


You should then be logged into your Credo account. 

You can manage your integrated apps by going to,4&hl=en


This is what you will see on the page; Credo will be under "Infobase (Credo, Source, ICOF, PTN, TSOF)".



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