Exporting Your Title List


PLEASE NOTE: This information was updated in August 2023 following the Credo platform refresh. For more about the update see here, or contact support@credoreference.com 



Authorized Admins can log into the Infobase Admin site to obtain their Credo title lists and metadata. The credentials are the same as your legacy Credo Admin credentials.

  1. Go to https://admin.infobase.com and find Credo in your "My Resources" list:


My Resources Credo.png



2. Click on "Title Data":

Title Data.png



This screen displays all titles which are currently live on your Credo or Source platform. Both Core and Add-on ("A la carte") titles are listed on this page.


3. For an exportable list with more metadata, including direct URLs, click "Export Report"

export report.png

On the next screen, choose the columns to display. Most are selected by default:

    1. Collection ID*
    2. Collection Name
    3. Title
    4. Publisher
    5. Publication Year
    6. Subjects
    7. Credo Release Date
    8. ISBN
    9. Credo ISBN
    10. ID
    11. URL
    12. Alacarte*
    13. Date Issued*

* Not selected by default

Choose the file format; XSLX (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) is the default, but you can also choose CSV (comma separated values file). 

If columns of the sheet look like ######, simply expand the column width to see the data. 


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