Downloading MARC Records


PLEASE NOTE: Although the Credo platform refresh of August 2023 moved most Admin functions to, MARC records are still obtained through the legacy Admin platform as described below. For more about the update see here, or contact


Watch this video to learn how to download MARC records for titles in your Credo subscription, or follow the numbered steps below.

You'll need your Credo Admin credentials; you'll find these in your welcome email, or authorized Admins can request credentials by emailing

1. Login to your Admin module, and go to the MARC records tab:

2. Place a check in the box next to each title’s record you’d like to download. Or click the “check all” link to download them all.  Click the purple “DOWNLOAD” button once your titles have been selected.

3. To see an example MARC record before downloading, click the American Flag next to that title.  You’ll see a pop up box that displays the full record. You’ll see the full URL in the 856 field.  If you have a proxy, it should appear in the 856 field as well.  If you have any questions about adding your proxy to your MARC records, please email

4. How can you tell what MARC Records are new since your last download?

We have a feature that will show you ONLY those titles that you have never downloaded before. In order for this feature to work, you’ll need to download all of our MARC records at one time. Once you have downloaded all records, the next time you come back to our admin screen, you will have a link that will show you only those records that have never been downloaded before. (See screen shots below).

Click Link that Reads “Show titles that have not been downloaded”


After clicking link, I see only those titles that I’ve never downloaded before. You will see titles that are new or have been updated since your last MARC download. See Image Below:

From here, I can place a check next to the titles on the screen and click “download” to download all new titles.

5. Use the “Recently Updated” column to tell you what titles are new to your Credo Reference collection and what titles are updates of older editions.  If you see a “Y” in this column, that means that this title is an update.  When we update titles on Credo with new editions, we create a new MARC Record for that title.  If you see a “Y” next to a title, that means you may have to delete the old record from your catalog.


If you'd like to be notified when new records are added, just email and ask to be added to our monthly Content Update email list.


See here for our complete Admin guide.

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