Embedding a Credo Search Box in Your LMS


PLEASE NOTE: This information was updated following the Credo platform refresh of August 2023. For more about the update see here, or contact support@credoreference.com 



To embed the Credo Search Box in Your LMS, use the following steps:

Step 1: Under Course Materials, click on Build Content, then Add New Item.

Step 2: Fill in the Name, and then click on the HTML button for the source view.

Step 3: Copy and paste the embed code into the html view and click Update. Search box embed codes can be obtained in Admin under Credo>Usage Boosters>Search Widgets (login required) or upon request to support@credoreference.com.

Step 4: When you see the search box, click the Submit button to complete the embed.

Step 5:To test the embed code, ensure your Edit Mode is set to the Off position.

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