Embedding Credo Search boxes


PLEASE NOTE: This information will be outdated in July 2023 following the Credo platform refresh. For more about the update see here, or contact support@credoreference.com 



Place a Credo Search Box right on your library's webpage! This is what our standard search box looks like:


You can preview the basic search box function, and find subject-specific boxes, on our LibGuides Search Box page.

Adding the code to your website
The code can simply be copied and pasted into your website's HTML. Some sites have restrictions on adding Javascript, so if the box appears but doesn't perform a search, you may wish to ask your web Admin for help. There are also HTML-only versions available upon request to support@credoreference.com.

Adding the Code to Your LibGuides
To add the search box to your LibGuides, create a new Multimedia Box > Embedded Media and Widgets. Title the box and click "Create Box." Click "Add Media/Widget Code," and paste all of the attached code into the "Embed Code" box. Click "Embed It," and you should get a working Credo search box.

Adding the Code to Your LMS - see this page of the Help Center

Here's the basic search box code

<img src="https://corp.credoreference.com/images/logos/Credo-Black-landscape-%20147x50.png" alt="Credo Logo">
<form action="javascript:void;" onsubmit="javascript:return credoMultiSearchBasic(document.forms.credoMultiSearchFormBasic);" method="GET" name="credoMultiSearchFormBasic">
<input type="hidden" name="ubasic" value="https://search.credoreference.com/search/all?searchPhrase={0}">
<input type="text" id="qbasic" value="" size="20" placeholder="Search Credo" />
<input type="image" border="0" name="Submit" value="search" src="https://media.credoreference.com/images/tools/go_button.png" alt="Submit Button" width="54" height="31" style="border:0;top:10px; position:relative;"><br/>
<script type="text/javascript">
function credoMultiSearchBasic(f){if(f.qbasic.value=='Search for...'||f.qbasic.value==''){alert('Please enter a search.');}else{var qbasic=escape(f.qbasic.value);var ubasic=f.ubasic.value.replace("{0}",qbasic);window.open(ubasic,"_blank");}return false;}

You can preview other search box types on our LibGuides Search Box page. Just let us know if you'd like the code for any of these boxes! 

Adding your proxy

If your remote users access through a proxy, add your proxy information to the http://search.credoreference.com link in the 7th line of the code.

The unproxied Credo URL:


EZ Proxy example:


WAM Proxy example:


Make sure to keep the quotation marks in the appropriate place! If you have any issues, please Email Support for help in modifying the code. 

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