Credo LTI Integration


PLEASE NOTE: This integration was sunset in July 2023 and a new LTI 1.3 compliant integration is being developed. Please contact for notice as to when the new offering is ready. For more about our platform update see here:



Credo now offers the ability to embed content in your LMS using the LTI standard. Contact Credo support ( to create a unique key and secret for your account. 

Credo/Source LTI Launch URL:

EduApps listing with more info:

How to use Credo/Source LTI in Canvas:

How-to Video here 

1) Obtain a key and secret from Credo support
2) Log into your Canvas account and select a course
3) Go to Settings > Apps. You can either find Credo or Source in the marketplace, or add an App manually by choosing the "Add App" function
4) Enter your key and secret. If setting up manually, add the launch URL, which is, and choose the app placement (may require an admin).  

5) Go to Courses > Pages
6) Click on +Page button, or edit an existing page.
7) Select the Credo or Source application in the menu of formatting options above the article, and a Credo window should open. 
8) In the open Credo or Source window, find the entry or Mind Map you'd like to embed.
9) Click the red "LTI Embed" link.
10) The Credo or Source entry or Mind Map now is a frame on the Canvas page. You can now save or publish this page.



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