How are Credo's Core Collection titles chosen?


Credo’s Core Collections are curated to include the best of published reference and authoritative background information. We apply a set of criteria for the assessment of each title, including its noteworthiness, target audience, currency, coverage, awards and merit as an educational resource. Credo’s agreements with publishers give us the rights to publish new editions as they are released. To ensure compliance with that, Credo does regular reviews of the editions in the collection. As soon as we receive data from the publisher, updating the content becomes the top priority for our publishing team.

Our content team conducts ongoing gap analysis on our Core Collections and performs an annual weeding of dated and low-usage content in the curated version of Academic Core. We check for emerging subject areas and for currency. When we identify an edition that may be getting out-of-date and the publisher has not published a newer edition, we’ll seek newer content in the same subject area from other publishers. Credo strives to provide diverse, in-depth content from 100’s of the world’s top publishers.

If you have any feedback on our title selection, or suggestions for publisher partners, please contact us at

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