How many simultaneous users does Credo Online Reference Service support?


Our Core collections support unlimited multiple users within your account and per title. No Academic Core, Public Core, Student Core, or Complete Core titles are restricted. 

Some Add-on Content (for-purchase titles and subscription "Essentials Collections") has user restrictions set by the publisher. Also, Add-on Content titles can be purchased under a single-user license at a reduced rate.

Here is how single-user titles work:

  • The first user is able to access content in the book.
  • The second user, and any subsequent users, are not allowed to access any entry in that book. Instead of the content, they see a message similar to the screenshot below.
  • Users that are locked out of a book can still see the link and citation for that entry.
  • The book’s table of contents page does not lock.

The minimum locking time is 15 minutes. If the first user has closed out of that title, the second user will be allowed to access in the next 15 minute span. The book remains findable in Credo even when it is "locked." The book is locked for 15 minutes from last use. 
The access cookie for a Single User Restricted title times out after 15 minutes of inactivity, unless the site is refreshed or they click into another article in the same book. User 1 will still be able to see the original entry beyond the 15 minute window if they are still on the page, but user 2 will be allowed to open an entry.
Buying an additional "seat", which is equivalent to purchasing another copy of the book, allows a second user unrestricted access in the same way as the first user. Then the third user and any subsequent users would be restricted as described above. 

A "locked title":

single user lock screen.png

Please email with any questions. You can also refer to our full terms and conditions here..

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